Rollover Reaction | The tale of MATA HARI
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The tale of MATA HARI

We see makeup as one of many creative ecosystems. Our work is always a collaborative effort, be it between our own team or with other art makers and beauty aficionados. We want to create a groundbreaking beauty community, but it can’t be done without voicing the messages of many.

Two years ago, we met Asmara Abigail on the set of our The Clique collection. From the beginning, we knew she was special. As a muse, she embodied three different characters perfectly.

We decided to again work with Asmara, this time to be the living muse of the legendary dancer and femme fatale Mata Hari for MATA HARI GLAZED! Glitter and Liquid Eye Tint. To paint the picture on the product packaging, the prodigious painter Talitha Maranila graced MATA HARI with her signature neuron motifs, but in gold to match the products inside. We see the neurons as the roots of our collaborative genesis.

We hope to bring Mata Hari’s legacy to those who have never heard about her life. While she will always remain one of the most controversial figures in history, her deep love for Indonesian art performance shall be shared to the world, starting with our audience. Mata Hari, after all, is the woman worthy of praise and celebration.

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