Rollover Reaction | RR Factory Vol. 8 — Here Comes The Sun
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RR Factory Vol. 8 — Here Comes The Sun

#RRFACTORY is a digital space created by our team where we get to share our know-hows on working around your well-loved Rollover Reaction lineup. Think of #RRFACTORY as a beauty hack handbook.

Howdy. Welcome back to the place where all of our aspirations and inspirations are crafted. We’ve been more than happy to inspire and entertain you with some series of #RRFACTORY entries. In this most recent vol. 8 entry, allow us to bring you summer earlier. Because 1. why not? and 2. we can.

In this equally exciting entry, we are collaborating with two amazing people, singer-songwriter Rayssa Dynta and make-up artist Dari Wulan. The inspiring females shared us their love for music and make-up respectively, and how those things affected their lives greatly. The quality time we spent with them concluded how perseverance and honest work can take you anywhere in the world, and to never be satisfied with what you’ve achieved.


For this #RRFACTORY’s focal point, we are going to highlight our pride and glory, the HALO Sisters (HALOLIGHT and HALOBLUSH), specifically on how to achieve blushed and glowing look in three different ways. Curious about how they apply on the skin? Keep on reading.

Complexion: Cushion Compact in Milk Tea | Brows: BROWCARA in Clear | Eyes: GLAZED! in Amber + Hari | Blush on: HALOBLUSH in Chai | Bronzer: HALOLIGHT in Sun Gleam | Lips: CHUNKY! in Maccio | Highlighter: GLEAMED! in Lana

The brown hue combination of Chai and Sun Gleam makes a perfect match made in heaven. They provide the perfect amount of pigment while you have full control when applying. To achieve a sun-kissed look, apply Chai on your cheeks, and blend it to cross your nose bridge to get the full-on Heat Wave look. The warm brown sheen of Sun Gleam accompanies the rosewood brown Chai as the perfect choice of bronzer, adding warmth and glow at the same time.


Complexion: Cushion Compact in Milk Tea | Brows: BROWCARA in Clear | Eyes: GLAZED! in Aria + Mata | Blush on: HALOBLUSH in Cayenne | Highlight: HALOLIGHT in Moonlit | Lips: CHUNKY! in Kahlo | Highlighter: GLEAMED! in Daria

Vibrant, gleaming look everyone to go for. The reliable dusty pink in the form of Cayenne provides you the perfect punch of pigment on the first initial application. Apply Cayenne on the hollow of your cheekbones and blend upwards to achieve a more contoured flush, perfect maneuver when you don’t feel like doing the extra work to apply another bronzer. Finish it with the pearlescent grace Moonlit on top of your cheekbones to further accentuate the highest points of your face.


Complexion: Cushion Compact in Milk Tea | Brows: BROWCARA in Clear | Eyes: GLAZED! in Gemma + Olive | Blush on: HALOBLUSH in Cajun | Highlight: HALOLIGHT in Roseate Glow | Lips: CHUNKY! in Carlo | Highlighter: GLEAMED! in Vega

Looking avant-garde while going to the beach? We got you. The coral orange hue that is housed in the form of Cajun and Roseate Glow’s universal rosy color would be the dynamic duo you wouldn’t expect. First, apply Cajun starting on your temple down to your cheekbones then blend upwards. Finish it with the touch of Roseate Glow exactly on top. Voila, Glowy, cheeky, artsy.

And we are now reaching the end of this entry. Hope you find it inspiring and entertaining. These three looks are so versatile and easy to recreate, especially when you’re feeling like going on a summer holiday vibe.

Until then, see you at our next #RRFACTORY!

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