Rollover Reaction | RR Meets Rachel Ajeng
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RR Meets Rachel Ajeng

Known as a brilliant artist, Rachel Ajeng has inspired many people through her paintings and illustrations. Her passion and vivid, visionary thoughts have to lead her through so many achievements ever since her younger years until now. Through this interview, we managed to get a better insight of Ajeng, from her first moment upon falling in love with painting to her most recent collaboration with Rollover Reaction, KALA SENJA.

Hello, Ajeng! It’s nice to meet you. Let us start by telling us about yourself.
Hi, Rollover Reaction. I am Rachel Ajeng, a 24-year-old full-time graphic designer and illustrator. My work revolves around making paintings, designs, and illustrations.

Wonderful! Now, allow us to talk about your passion for art, specifically painting. At first, when and how did you discover your passion in painting?
I’ve known ever since I was little that I love to paint and I want to work in the art and creative industries, but specifically I knew it upon watching Walt Disney movies. The vivid color palettes, the music, and happiness they present throughout the years have grown a place in me–it’s like being transported to a whole new world.

What an unexpected yet amazing moment of discovery. About your career as an artist and graphic designer, You’ve worked with a lot of different people while representing their ideas. Would you tell us the process of this collaboration?
First of all, I feel so humbled for the chance to collab with Rollover Reaction. The whole process is so much fun and easy because Rollover Reaction gives me so much space to create and channel myself and Putri (re: Marino), to brainstorm our ideas, vision, and vibes through DI KALA SENJA.

So let’s talk about DI KALA SENJA. How would you depict DI KALA SENJA (the artwork and lip crayon shades) from your perspective as an artist?
For me, DI KALA SENJA is really special. The whole thing about DI KALA SENJA that attracts me the most is the vibe it radiates–the warmth, content feeling upon the first swipe. DI KALA SENJA has the power to bring warmth and comfort to the wearer and hopefully for the people around the wearer as well.

In this collaboration, you get to work with Putri Marino. What is it like working with her?
Overall, it’s totally a blessing. I’ve always wanted to work with people who value I respect and personalities I admire, and by getting paired up and collaborate with Putri, I feel so blessed for the experience. Throughout the whole process, I feel like Putri truly embodies what we call “beauty with brains and personality”. She’s so grounded, holds onto her principles, and her personality delights everyone around her, including me.

That is one great experience. Following the previous answer, while you and Putri brainstormed for ideas and concepts of DI KALA SENJA which ended up embodied in this stellar artwork, how do you translate Putri’s ideas and vision into an artwork?
I feel Putri’s grounded vibe, how she treats people, and her thorough personality of being genuine, warm and loving are the things I certainly put into KALA SENJA’s artwork. I would like people to know those important things, and hopefully, through this artwork, the message can be delivered.

The artwork indeed contains a heartfelt message. Pictures, in saying this, paintings, speak thousands of words. How would you describe KALA SENJA artwork in just three words?
Warm, grounded, genuine.

DI KALA SENJA brings a meaningful story and heartfelt message. What are your hopes for DI KALA SENJA’s wearers?
Along with the heartwarming and fervent message that is being delivered, I hope DI KALA SENJA’s wearers can also feel the strength and warmth, and to blanket themselves with love. I also hope by loving themselves, they can also inspire and care for other people and beings.

Thank you for being here, Ajeng! We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Lastly, do you have a message for Rollover Reaction? Thank you for having me, Rollover Reaction!
First of all, I’ve always admired the whole concept of the brand, empowering people behind it, and the vision it’s holding dear. I think Rollover Reaction brings a crucial message for other girls out there to stay true to themselves also to always be confident in their own way, their own skin. I wish you the best and hope you can go international with your brand.

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