Rollover Reaction | RR Meets Putri Marino
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RR Meets Putri Marino

Behind all the fame and glory, Putri Marino is not just an excellent actress and writer. She describes herself as an introverted individual who is blessed with motherhood and a loving family of her own. In this interview, she shared with us her passion that brought her into this life stage, including the very collaboration with Rollover Reaction, DI KALA SENJA. To know more about her, read on.

Hello, Putri! It’s nice meeting you. Let’s start this interview by telling us about yourself.
Hi, Rollover Reaction. I am Putri Marino, an actress, Surinala’s mother and an introvert who really loves the sunset.

Excellent! Now, shall we talk about your writing? When and how did you discover your love for writing?
I fell in love with writing during my junior high days. I used to write novels then I printed it on A4 papers and I put it on the teacher’s desk in front of the class. I took a break from writing when I was in high school and started writing again three years ago, wrote some things that are mainly similar to poems.
It was when I went to Labuan Bajo, I was on a boat in the middle of the sea. As I watched the sunrise, I suddenly got inspired to write this poempm.

What a moving story. About writing poems, you’ve written so many inspiring ones. Are there poets whose poems are your favorite?
Actually, I prefer reading fictional novels to poetry books but Sapardi Djoko Damono’s Hujan Bulan Juni surely left a pretty big impression on me.

We can’t be more agree. Let’s talk about your DI KALA SENJA masterpiece. Such an endearing, powerful concept. What inspired you that lead to this very collaboration?
DI KALA SENJA started from my intention of sharing my story in a unique way and I think it is the answer for that — sharing my own story through the colors of lipsticks. I was mainly inspired by sunset — the comfortable warmth that envelops me, something an introvert like me needs.

In this collaboration, you get to work with Rachel Ajeng. What is it like working with her?
Rachel Ajeng is one of the very few kind-hearted, hard-working, cheerful ladies I’ve ever met. I’m very happy to work with Ajeng. I love all the masterpieces she has created and I believe she can manifest DI KALA SENJA through her artwork. What a lovely girl. Thank you, Ajeng!

She really is lovely. While you and Rachel brainstormed ideas and concepts to be manifested in the artwork, how would you depict the artwork based on your perspective?
Me and Ajeng have met several times to brainstorm about this DI KALA SENJA project. I always told her that DI KALA SENJA is warm like a hug, has the color spectrum of a sunset, and represents a strong woman.

Poems, short or long, have meaning that translates differently or leaves a different impression for every person. How would you personally describe the whole aspect of DI KALA SENJA in just three words?
Warm, brave, and empowering.

The perfect words to describe DI KALA SENJA, indeed. And do you have a special message for those who wear DI KALA SENJA?
To all of you guys, DI KALA SENJA isn’t just a color, it’s a story about the courage to take a step forward, to open a fresh page and to start the day anew. I hope by wearing DI KALA SENJA, you find the courage and gumption to go through your days. Red lipstick really helps me and I truly hope it can help you too.

Thank you very much, Putri! Best of luck in your next venture. Lastly, do you have any message for Rollover Reaction?
Rollover Reaction, you are the only local make-up brand that I really love and that’s what drove me to start a collaboration with you. Thank you for making my dreams come true and bringing DI KALA SENJA to life. Keep on shining!

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