Rollover Reaction | RR Meets Dari Wulan
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RR Meets Dari Wulan


Make-up isn’t limited to act as a medium to look prettier, at least that’s what esteemed make-up artist Dari Wulan thinks. The fashion and beauty influencer also stands by the principle of inner beauty and the importance to build a relationship with her clients, the two things she always holds dear and brought her to the person she is today. To know Dari Wulan more, keep on reading.

Hi, Wulan! How are you doing? Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello, Rollover Reaction. I’m Dari Wulan, a make-up artist and fashion stylist. Before I became a make-up artist, I used to work as a fashion writer and taught make-up as well.

Let us start by asking how you became the makeup artist that you are today.
I first found my love for make-up artistry when I did my friend’s prom make-up. My work gained so many positive feedbacks and my Mom urged me to take make-up classes. Then I took make-up classes and became a make-up artist in 2008. I’ve been in this world since long before Instagram took over our social engagements.

Makeup artistry is a demanding field. Do you feel like you’ve made it?
For now, I feel pretty satisfied with what I’ve done. In today’s digital area, clients can reach me through Instagram and I can also broaden my knowledge through both Instagram and YouTube.

What a wonderful journey you’ve had. We can see that there is a lot of makeup artist on the rise on Instagram who is constantly promoting their work on their social media profile, how do you manage to promote yourself?
To me, my most important thing in building my career is a personal relationship with every client. The urge to connect with clients is incredibly important because when you have a good relationship with your clients, they will trust you and come back to you. Then build your social media profile. You can showcase your portfolio through Instagram and never, ever edit your photos more than it should.

Now, please describe your signature makeup style in 3 words.
Flawless, glowing, bronzed.

How does skin prep factor contribute to your signature glowing look? What do you use before the first drop of makeup goes on?
It is crucial to start with a nourished, prepped skin before applying any make-up, no matter what. Because if you start with dull skin, make-up won’t stay put, let alone blend well into your skin. That’s why it’s important to know your skin concern, then apply skin care that suits you best before putting on make-up. If you paint on a clean, seamless canvas, the finished result will never disappoint

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