Rollover Reaction | RR Factory Vol. 9 — Solis et Lunae
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RR Factory Vol. 9 — Solis et Lunae

Hello. It hasn’t been quite a while since our #RRFACTORY Vol. 8. Now we are serving you with another appetizing entrée of #RRFACTORY vol. 9 titled Solis et Lunae.

We’ve crafted Solis et Lunae with care and joy along with the intention to give you a shortcut to looking beautiful in a few simple steps, fusing our very own goods to deliver a specially made-for-you day-to-night look, especially for you girls out there who are always on-the-go. These two looks below are here to be easily finessed and modified, for your liking.

This entry also features the how-to of speed cleansing and skin-replenishing steps using our Face Set, equipped with a pack of Face Wipes, Face Mist, and Nourishing Lip Balm. Clean, refreshed skin and say goodbye to chapped lips in such a short time.

Let’s take a break, sit comfortably, have your favorite drink by your side and prepare to be inspired.

Complexion: Cushion Compact 103 Milk Tea | Highlight: GLEAMED! Daria + HALOLIGHT Moonlit | Brows: BROWCARA Clear | Eyes: GLAZED! Gemma + Olive | Cheeks: HALOBLUSH Cajun + SUEDED! Lucy | Lips: SUEDED! Blondie

Yes, we do love glowing, fresh complexion, moreover when combined with the right hues. The romantic color spectrum of peach and cherry makes the perfect match as we unite Lucy on the cheeks and cherry red Blondie that acts as statement lips. The eye look is simple yet tantalizing, thanks to pearlescent pink Gemma and deep green Olive. No tricky maneuver, only easy and quick application.


Face Set — Face Wipes, Face Mist, Lip Balm, housed in a holographic pouch

As you are transitioning from your day look to night look, you want to start on a clean canvas. With the gentle formulation of micellar and cucumber extract infused in Face Wipes, wipe face with the cloth to gently remove makeup or dirt until the skin is completely clean. Feel your skin breathes better and rejuvenated. Spritz some Face Mist to bring back moisture and soothe the skin after the cleansing step. Finish it off by applying some lip balm to get nourished, primed lips.

Complexion: Cushion Compact 103 Milk Tea | Highlight: GLEAMED! Lana + HALOLIGHT Moonlit | Brows: BROWCARA Clear | Eyes: GLAZED! Aria + Mata | Cheeks: HALOBLUSH Chai | Lips: CHUNKY! Rothko + Kahlo

Level up your whole look in the simplest yet graceful way possible. Dark lips bring out the sophistication out of you and you shall not be feared by it. Blotted and stained plum berry Rothko mixed with brownish-red Kahlo is the perfect form of art to decorate and elevate at the same time. Keep the cheeks looking subtle with a hint of Chai. Let your eyes showered in sparkles with Aria and Mata to add extra oomph. Be the life of the party as you walk into the room.

And that would be the end of #RRFACTORY vol. 9: Solis et Luna. We aspire to inspire and hope you find this entry entertaining and of course, inspiring.

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