Rollover Reaction | RR Factory Vol. 7 — Rollover Reaction X Anjani Florist
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RR Factory Vol. 7 — Rollover Reaction X Anjani Florist

#RRFACTORY is a digital space created by our team where we get to share our know-hows on working around your well-loved Rollover Reaction lineup. Think of #RRFACTORY as a beauty hack handbook.

Hello again. It’s been our pleasure having you here in our humble home of ideas and inspirations. In this entry, we are about to enlighten you with a heavenly collaboration work between Rollover Reaction and the marvelous Anjani Florist.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and this time it came from Alice In Wonderland’s song and romanticism flower paintings back in the 1800s. These two elements speak louder than words about how one blossom into a liberated, fine individual—just like a flower that blooms every springtime.

It was an amazing time we had with Anjani Florist as we partook in their endeavor. Also in this event, we had the chance to know Anjani Florist better through the brain behind it, Jenny Poespita. To know more about the collaboration, keep on reading.

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you and when did you start the florist business?
At first, I was thinking about what I should do to fill my leisure time, and I decided to take a flower arrangement class. Thus, after finishing the course in 2015, I dabbled to open a florist business by taking orders from my close friends as a starter.

What do flowers mean to you?
To me, flower is beauty. It brings happiness from within.

We’ve seen many of your work with Rollover Reaction’s spaces and events. What attracts you that lead to this very collaboration?
I am personally interested in how Rollover Reaction brings a different make-up range to the local market. Its supreme quality, modern packaging, and the sheer, dewy beauty it’s pursuing. Rollover Reaction radiates natural beauty and inner happiness–the same principle as what I believe in Anjani Florist.

We love the beautiful quality and the message you brought out in these photos with us. What’s the backstory and concept behind this shoot?
I think flowers and natural make-up make perfect harmony. It brings out the feminine and girly side in every woman.

Last but not least, what are your hopes for creative workers like yourself and Rollover Reaction in the future?
I hope we keep sharing ideas to always create different version and meaning of beauty.


Eyes: GLAZED! in Corrine + Gemma | cheeks: GLEAMED! in Vega, HALOLIGHT in Moonlit + Roseate Glow | lips: SUEDED! in Grace

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Eyes: GLAZED! in Corrine + Gemma | cheeks: GLEAMED! in Vega, HALOLIGHT in Moonlit + Roseate Glow | lips: SUEDED! in Grace + lip gloss

We dare to say that we love the editorial look, but this time we took a shortcut and went for a simple yet impactful look. Flower petals and lip gloss radiates feminine charm to the look and make it Vogue, only simplified.

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