Rollover Reaction | RR FACTORY VOL. 5 — HUES-TO-GO QUADS
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#RRFACTORY is a digital space created by our team where we get to share our know-hows on working around your well-loved Rollover Reaction lineup. Think of #RRFACTORY as a beauty hack handbook.

Hello again. Hasn’t it been a long time since #RRFactory graced the Journal section? Yes, it has. But we took a break from #RRFactory for a good reason; to bring more diversity and variety to the segment. And for the first time ever, this edition of #RRFactory is shoppable and available in bundles today, collectively called Hues-To- Go Quads!

After we released new product collections over the past year, our beauty sphere suddenly got a lot bigger. The change was expected though. Desired even. However, for many of you out there, the time you have is not enough to dabble around the makeup stash you already own, let alone new makeup launches.

So, not only #RRFactory vol 5 will serve as a source of inspiration for your basic to formal looks, we decide to add the option to shop the looks and get them delivered to you. The days of guessing, tossing and turning are making their way out. Aren’t you excited? Let’s meet the looks/bundles!

PASTELOVE — Eyes: Aria | Cheeks: Grace + Orla | Lips: Saddie

Soft, romantic colors for the win. They’re low-key, adaptable, yet oh-so-pretty. We applied Aria all over the lids. The shade goes so well with everything else in this look. The tender glow creates a twinkling effect to your eyes, and we love that. For the cheeks, you’d want all things luminous. That’s what Grace and Orla are for. Mix them together and utilize the warmth of your finger to intensify the creaminess. Follow up with a neutral mauve color like Saddie, and the look is complete.

Shop the look

PLASTIC DREAM — Eyes: Penny + Amber | Cheeks: Sally | Lips: Sally + Rothko

We waste no time moving on to more daring looks! How about we make the eyes gleaming, cheeks go rosy, and let the lips get colorful? Let us demonstrate. Penny and Amber compliment each other like bread and butter. They shall go on the eyes, no questions asked. We mean, look at that lucid pearly glow! Flushed complexion is easy to fake. Just take Sally and dab it around the apples of your cheeks. Lastly, treat your pout fun colors by mixing Sally and Rothko for a gradient effect. Done!

Shop the look


BARE ILLUSION — Eyes: Corrine | Cheeks: Sun Gleam + Prudence | Lips: Prudence + Pablo

Bare is anything but boring. It can be as radical as a full glam; you can put your own craft and make it great. Exhibit one: adding a simple ombre effect to the lips. Prudence and Pablo is an unlikely combo, a nice surprise to distract from the neutral overall look. For the eyes, Corrine makes them pop without taking all the attention. Cheeks are adorned by Prudence, followed by Sun Gleam on top of the cheekbones in lieu of highlighter. Sunkissed in no time.

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SPARKLE SHOWER — Eyes: RAH |  Cheeks: Paloma + Lucy | Lips: Lucy + Umma

Glitter, glitter, eyes on fire. When we use gold colored flecks for a look, we mean business. It’s doable, but probably you don’t want to look party-ready on a broad daylight. That being said, you need a festive warm tone to coat those eyes; i.e. RAH. Stretch the same concept for your cheeks and lips. Mix Paloma and Lucy for a more natural blush color, and Lucy + Umma for the lips. Easy? Yes. Chic? Absolutely. Let us know if you find yourself getting back to this look every Friday night.

Shop the look

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