Rollover Reaction | RR Factory Vol. 12 — Glaze and Daze
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RR Factory Vol. 12 — Glaze and Daze

#RRFACTORY is a digital space created by our team where we get to share our know-how on working around your well-loved Rollover Reaction lineup. Think of #RRFACTORY as a beauty hack handbook.

Greetings. Finally, another month and season are officially here, and we can’t help but feel a little mellow yet grateful that we can still enjoy our time together with families and loved ones amidst the ‘new normal’ phase that’s currently going on. Hope this entry finds you well and happy.

When we hear about this unfamiliar term of ‘new normal’, we think about how we can finesse and adapt to a new routine, a new you daily. We also think about beauty routines too, since half our face is covered with masks. It has come to our attention that while statement lips are timeless, how about we make statement eyes happen again?

Curious on how we figured it out? The key is to let your eyes speak. Better scroll down slowly, and find yourself enlightened (hopefully).

Eyes: CHUNKY! Carlo, GLAZED! Mata, and Hari | Brows: BROWCARA Espresso | Lashes: BATLASH! Carbon


Face: Cushion Compact 102 Honey Toast | Cheeks: HALOLIGHT Moonlit + HALOBLUSH Cajun


Lips: SUEDED! Maxwell

What we love about golds and glitters is that they catch the light and all the attention. Thanks to GLAZED! Mata Hari, your gaze will definitely captivate. Dare to express yourself through your gaze and everything will come along just fine.


Pinks, like the cherry on top, compliments almost everyone as it brings out the youthful you to the surface. When combined with the right glow kit like pearly GLAZED! Aria, your eyes will shine and bloom like summer carnations. Might as well wear this look on Wednesdays, as the quote goes, ‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink.’ Eyes: GLAZED! Aria + GemmaBrows: BROWCARA ClearLashes: BATLASH! Carbon

Face: Cushion Compact 102 Honey Toast | Cheeks: HALOLIGHT Roseate Glow + Moonlit

Lips: CHUNKY! Maccio + FLUSHED! Thulian


 If we had our very own AI like Siri or Alexa and asked how to achieve unconventional tangerine eye look, it would probably suggest putting CHUNKY! Kala all over the lids and top it off with SLICKED! Nue. Voila, the eyes that catch both the light and people.

Brows: BROWCARA Cappuccino | Eyes: CHUNKY! Kala + SLICKED! Nue | Lashes: BATLASH Carbon

Lips: SLICKED! Nue

Face: Cushion Compact 102 Honey Toast | Cheeks: HALOLIGHT Sun Gleam + Moonlit

And that’s our three looks that can be easily recreated or just simply adjusted according to your preference. We hope you can always stay positive and healthy to face the new normal. Lips can wait, let your gaze speak for you. Until then, toodle-oo!

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