Rollover Reaction | RR Factory Vol. 11 — Summer Breaking
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RR Factory Vol. 11 — Summer Breaking

#RRFACTORY is a digital space created by our team where we get to share our know-how on working around your well-loved Rollover Reaction lineup. Think of #RRFACTORY as a beauty hack handbook.

Oh, hi there. Hasn’t it been a while since we met in our very own ‘common room’ for colors and creative ideas? We’ve missed you. Along with our warm greetings to greet the even warmer season, let us take you to an entry full of inspirations and joy in the season of the sun.

What do you think when you hear the word summer? For us, we think about great memories, basking under the sun, hot and humid days accompanied with fresh drinks in hand, golden hours, long nights well spent with our loved ones.


For this summer #RRFACTORY that we name Summer Breaking, the feel is a tad bit different than any other summer. This time, we’re going to experience a summer in the middle of an unprecedented, uncertain situation the world’s currently facing. But worry not, it doesn’t mean that this year’s summer will suck! So we suggest you have a seat, relax, and scroll down to get inspired.

Complexion: Cushion Compact 101 Custard Tart | Face: HALOBLUSH Cayenne, HALOLIGHT Moonlit + Roseate Glow | Brows: BROWCARA Espresso | Eyes: GLAZED! Gemma, CHUNKY! Maccio, HALOLIGHT Roseate Glow | Lashes: BATLASH! Carbon | Lips: SUEDED! Prudence + Umma

During this time when our mobility is restricted, we’ll take the summer tan to you. With the right makeshift kits for that after-some-time-at-the-beach flush and glow, it’ll make you look like you just spent plenty of time sunbathing while looking afar to the glimmering horizon. One important trick to keep in mind: don’t be afraid to play with reds and pinks.



Complexion: Cushion Compact 101 Custard Tart | Face: HALOBLUSH Cajun, HALOLIGHT Sun Gleam + Moonlit | Brows: BROWCARA Espresso | Eyes: GLAZED! Mata + Corrine, SUEDED! Saddie | Lashes: BATLASH! Carbon | Lips: SUEDED! Lucy, SLICKED! Marron

Talking about the beach, what we remember vividly is its unforgettable shimmering sparkle when the rays hit the white sand along the shoreline. For those who are longing for the same thing, playing with these hues hopefully will ease your yearning. Go for it—let the sparks loose!

Finally, we are reaching the end of #RRFACTORY vol. 11: Summer Breaking — as a thing to remember those golden days, to heal your summer saudade. See you in the next journal entry. Until then, stay safe and inspired!

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