Rollover Reaction | RR Around the World: Jaipur with The Taable
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RR Around the World: Jaipur with The Taable

Jaipur is a city of a million jewels. There, you see colors you didn’t know existed; all shades of pinks, reds and oranges. Who knew there could be so many?

We embarked on a short journey to Jaipur with our friends at The Taable, Amanda Kusai and Axel Oswith along with photographer Bonjo Abadi who captured Jaipur in its natural essence; sunny, magnetic, lively.

It was an experience not only worth to be exhibited, but also be told. So we present to you RR Around the World with The Taable.

Tell us the background of this collaboration and what it’s all about.
It is a collaboration between believers of adventure, spontaneity, life and arts, that we aimed to express through pictures of a journey with Rollover Reaction in India. We have Bonjo Abadi who joined in the project as our photographer, our two muses Carol and Arpita, and the taable as creative and art directors in the project.

Among many breathtaking cities in India, why did you choose Jaipur?
We just kind of had this grand idea of Rajasthan in our map, it is the biggest state in India commonly referred to the ocean of sand, with large areas of arid desserts that may turn you into raisins if you stay out long enough. Famous for its vibrant and lively culture we had imagined it to be brimming with all the things India has had to offer, tantalizing the senses, and spirits, hence we decided to go with its capital city, Jaipur.

What is the vibe or ambience you’re trying to capture through the photos?
A sense of being at peace and content in the midst of a lively street filled with a harmonious mix of sounds, aromas, and colours.

There are so many alluring historical buildings in Jaipur! Can you tell us what it’s like to be surrounded by lush palaces everywhere?
The grandeur of palaces and forts made us realized just how small we are in comparison, stepping into a place that holds so much history and life we could only allow our imagination take its shape, we wondered what the king would’ve said as he sat in his throne, what the princess wore or even how they would clean such an enormous place. It’s amazing what history holds and allows you to picture.

What was the most remarkable moment when you were doing this project in Jaipur?
We had the shoot take place just as the sun rose, there is something about the way the sun hits the earth in India that is different and glows a little more, as a flock of a hundred birds flew above us. Just being able to absorb every little detail felt remarkable on its own.

Tell us your personal favorite spot in Jaipur, and why!
The Market nestled in the old city of Jaipur (also known as the Pink City) was our favourite for many reasons; one being the fact that the entire town is bathed in terracotta pink (a mature version of millennial pink for the old soul in us haha). And that going through the market felt like a complete treasure hunt for finding unique trinkets, an array of textiles, leather work, traditional weave works, goldsmiths and not to forget food! The list goes on!

Did you find anything unexpected while you were there?
The stained windows of the Hawa Mahal.

We see many vibrant colors, and interesting element in your photos, to you what are the best things about Jaipur?
Unlike many big cities we know, where everything seems monotonous, from the way people walk, to the way they dress in well pressed suits and blouses, And even to the modern infrastructure of a CBD, Jaipur was in many ways a melting pot of the modern as well as the traditional world, the balance was what we felt made it special.

Describe Jaipur in three words!
Vivid, hectic, lively.

Lastly, which color(s) from Rollover Reaction is perfect for a stroll in Jaipur?
Livv and Blondie, You won’t go wrong with either one as both complements the vibe of the city. Livv is especially perfect for a down to earth look for the Indian summer, whilst Blondie completes a lively energy.



Talents: Carol @carolhumtsoe, Arpita @arpitasxngh

Art Direction: @thetaable
Photograher: @bonjoabadi
MUA + Stylist: @thetaable
Wardrobe: @bodicebodice

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