Rollover Reaction | Face Set Meets Watsons Indonesia!
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Face Set Meets Watsons Indonesia!

Say it with us: a proper skin routine is for everybody. It doesn’t matter if your pampering habits are super low maintenance or you have a schedule more packed than the traffic in the morning. Especially if you’re an active girl living in a big city, it might be a good idea to give your skin extra attention.

But before you add 50 things to your cart in panic mode (we’ve been there), we want to let you know sometimes simpler is better. A quick drugstore browse might steer you to the right skin holy grails. And if you think we’re announcing something great about our Face Set, you’re correct.

Face Set, our self-care lineup is now available at Watsons Indonesia! For our initial launch, we start with 5 locations across Jakarta; Watsons Pondok Indah Mall 2, Watsons Kota Kasablanka, Watsons Grand Indonesia, Watsons Lotte Shopping Avenue, and Watsons Mall Kelapa Gading 3.

Since Face Set is the basics of skin needs, it’s important to make sure Face Set is readily available Watsons, with its 70+ (and counting!) store locations in Indonesia, makes it easier for us everyday girls to get our hands on our beauty needs. Sure, online shopping is also an option, but there will be moments where waiting on deliveries is too much to ask.

So, starting on 25 September 2018, you can stash your Face Set needs and wants at Watsons along with your other personal care items. How convenient is that? And if you don’t see your nearest Watsons on the list above, don’t worry. We’re consistently working to bring Rollover Reaction across Indonesia and later, the world.

Until then, see you at Watsons!

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