Rollover Reaction | DI KALA SENJA Product Launch at Senayan City
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DI KALA SENJA Product Launch at Senayan City

Rollover Reaction has released its fourth collaboration titled Di Kala Senja. Collaborating with actress Putri Marino and graphic designer-illustrator Rachel Ajeng, the goods come in the form of CHUNKY! Lip and Cheek Crayon and is a limited edition product. It consists of two lip crayons in which colors are inspired by the sunset.

Di Kala Senja was officially launched at its product release event on 26 July 2019 at Atrium Senayan City Jakarta, hosted by Rollover Reaction and Female Daily at Jakarta X Beauty 2019. The event was also featured beauty talk show with Putri Marino and beauty demo done by Ifan Rivaldi. Set for the public, it was attended by many beauty enthusiasts.

In the aforementioned occasion, guest and collaborator Putri Marino dished about the story behind the collaboration, what inspired her and the drive to start the fervent project. Rollover Reaction’s CMO Dinar Amanda was also present to do an introduction also accompanied Putri for the talk show session.

In this session, Putri and Dinar got to share the message behind the two colors of Kala and Senja, also the process of the whole collaboration — from the beginning to the finalization of it. This collaboration is enveloped with an earnest significance of self-confidence and self-acceptance, also to encourage the wearer to have the gumption to take a step forward and live up to their utmost potential. Since this collaboration is incredibly personal to Putri, she also underlined the color choice of Di Kala Senja is meant to bring warmth and serenity to the wearer, based on her undying love for sunset — it is not just a lipstick, it is her own story told through the warm hues of Di Kala Senja.

Throughout the talk show, Dinar and Putri shared their own meaning of beauty power. To Putri, beauty power is when you can be your own self without hesitation and to have the courage to move out of one’s comfort zone. Dinar also emphasized the importance for women to be comfortable in their own skin and through Rollover Reaction as a beauty brand, Dinar hoped to always send the aforesaid message in the form of make-up.

Afterward, Ifan Rivaldi walked on stage to give a thorough beauty demo on Dinar Amanda. The esteemed make-up artist also shared tips and tricks on how to achieve flawless yet effortless skin with his signature steps. Ifan also stressed how important it is to embrace one’s imperfections and encouraged the audience to wear the right amount of products and techniques rather than wearing lots of make-up. Also in this session, Q&A time was held for the audience to ask Ifan or Dinar about make-up tips and future Rollover Reaction projects.

Di Kala Senja is now available on Rollover Reaction’s official website and offline store at Plaza Indonesia EX level 4. It retails at IDR 125,000 per piece or IDR 250,000 in a boxed set.


Female Daily Network
Jakarta X Beauty 2019

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