Rollover Reaction | Di Kala Senja Intimate Product Launch at GoWork Plaza Indonesia, 4 August 2019
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Di Kala Senja Intimate Product Launch at GoWork Plaza Indonesia, 4 August 2019

Rollover Reaction has released its fourth collaboration namely Di Kala Senja. Joining forces with actress Putri Marino and graphic designer-illustrator Rachel Ajeng, Di Kala Senja comes in the form of CHUNKY! Lip and Cheek Crayon and is limitedly available. It consists of two lip crayons, Kala and Senja, which colors are derived from the sunset.

On Sunday, 4 August, Rollover Reaction just held its private event titled Di Kala Senja Intimate Product Launch. Collaborating with GoWork Plaza Indonesia as its official venue and FACETOFEET.COM as the main partner, the event was exclusively held for invitees only. In the beauty talk, Putri Marino along with Rollover Reaction’s CMO Dinar Amanda dished to the media and guests about the reason and story behind this sensible collaboration.

Putri also confessed how meaningful this project for her, since it is a personal story rather than just a lip crayon. She also underlined the meaningful and powerful message behind the collaboration, which is to inspire and bring courage to the girls who wear Di Kala Senja, also to act as a tool to channel their own inner beauty. In the beauty talk, Dinar and Putri explained the timeline of the collaboration — from the one who initiated it until the finalization. Dinar divulged that Di Kala Senja is one of her favorite projects because of the immense significance it’s carrying.

Later on, Ifan Rivaldi walked in to give a detailed beauty demo on Putri Marino. The acclaimed make-up artist also shared some tips on how to get a seamless look in simple steps. In this opportunity, Ifan pointed on how important it is to embrace one’s imperfections, that make-up means to enhance the facial features rather than to hinder them. The highlight was when Ifan demonstrated a hassle-free, precise application of Kala and Senja on Putri.

Also in this event was held a soap-making workshop provided by LaCocoaButter. The participants and Putri Marino was given the chance to be as creative as possible to make their own personalized soap to bring home, again with the sunset as its main theme. It was also Rollover Reaction’s first workshop and the brand hopes to make other workshops in the future.

Di Kala Senja is now available on Rollover Reaction’s official website and offline store at Plaza Indonesia EX level 4. It retails at IDR 125,000 per piece or IDR 250,000 in a boxed set.


Main partner FACETOFEET.COM (@facetofeet_id)
Venue by GoWork Plaza Indonesia (@lets.gowork)
Refreshments by Dulcet Patisserie (@dulcetpatisserie) and LUMINE JAKARTA (@lumine.jakarta)
Flower Decor by FLORE BASTILLE (@florebastille)
Soap Workshop provided by LaCocoaButter (@lacocoabutter)
Hair-do by @salonbyhouzcall

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