Rollover Reaction | Behind The Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Ykha Amelz
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Behind The Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Ykha Amelz

Art and beauty go hand in hand. Our muse and collaborator Ykha Amelz has been inspired by human expressions. Her finest works reflect her appreciation of a great face and body conceptions, including her design for MAXWELL’s packaging.

Yup, she’s responsible for the distinctive hand-drawn floral illustrations with a part of a female face in the middle. As it turned out, this concept came up pretty much natural to her. In this interview, she reveals the story behind it and her insights on MAXWELL

We notice that most of your works revolve around human illustrations. Is there a story behind why you love turning faces into work of art?
For me the human face, especially a woman, could speak a thousand expressions. Even if you draw just a part of it.. the eye, the lips, or maybe just the eyebrows, it could already give a sense of something to the eye of the beholder. I really love capturing them.

Tell us is there a meaning of illustration in your design for MAXWELL? It is such an interesting combination, why did you put blue and red for MAXWELL?
Every girl holds a beauty of their own, hence the various flower combo that represents a lot of different character. Maxwell uncovers their beauty with a certain boldness, yet still subtle enough to leave a room for mystery. I felt a bit of blue undertone underneath the red shade in Maxwell, that’s why I pick the colors.

MAXWELL is a girl with fearlessness and confidence, how do you translate that into your design?
I don’t think I need to do much for that, the shade of Maxwell itself already translates all that confidence. All I have to do is put that red shade as a focus on the lips of the girl in the design

Lastly, what are the three words would you use to describe MAXWELL?
Bold – Confident – Mysterious

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