Rollover Reaction | Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Puchh
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Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Puchh

As beauty brand with limitless creativity in mind, collaborating with local artists allows us to put our vision into innovations.

The idea came to realization for the first time in 2016 with the launch of Maxwell, our first limited edition SUEDED! Lip and Cheek Cream.

Putricaya (@puchh, beauty influencer) and Ykha Amelz (@ykhaamelz, illustrator) join forces to create this shade. Putricaya thoughtfully chose the color and Ykha hand-drew her design for Maxwell’s packaging with her bare hands.

We sat down with Putricaya to talk about the inspiration behind Maxwell and why this color is a must have for every girl out there!

What kind of red is Maxwell?

Technically, Maxwell is a unique red that appears sort of brownish, yet has a cool, slightly blue undertone. It’s a versatile red that would flatter anyone, with any skin tone. Figuratively, Maxwell is altogether vampy, quirky, virgin, and a vixen. It’s a really sensual color, without being vulgar.

What’s the meaning of this peculiar red shade to you?

I’m a child of the 90s, and is fixated in that era. However, I was pretty much just an awkward kid back then, with an intense admiration toward cooler, older 90s it girls, that lasts until this day. Maxwell, being a perfect blend of red and brown, is the kind of color those girls would wear, only with a modern twist, that is the cool undertone.

Why is Maxwell your signature color?

Since I always seek a brown tone in any lip color, and I love things that are quite hard to describe, this color is an obvious choice. I love how Maxwell could give that intensely flushed lips look when applied lightly and stained, yet becomes super chic and thematic when it’s bold. It’s pretty moody yet adaptable, like me.

Who is Maxwell and who is she geared towards to?

Maxwell is a red for girls who hates red, or is previously intimidated by red. Maxwell is for every girl with a gut. Maxwell is for everyone.

Why does every girl need this kind of shade?

Because of its versatility, Maxwell allows you to be whatever persona and character you wish to be, just by playing along with its intensity.



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