Rollover Reaction | Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets PoLA Artistry
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Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets PoLA Artistry

Notice the packaging difference on PENNY? Right off the bat, PENNY’s gold-clad box adorned with minimalistic patterns shows a tell-tale sign of the shade’s exclusivity, matching the gold elements in PENNY’s collateral design.

The work was done (brilliantly) by one of the collaborators involved, PoLA Artistry, founded by Cempaka Surakusumah and Sabrina Febriyani. Read our interview about the beginning of PoLA and more below!

It’s amusing to know that PoLA, is ran by two women who happens to be friends, how does that working out for you two?
Before PoLA, we have worked together in the same design studio called Thinking*Room Inc. We happened to have the same preferences in music, references, hobby, and yes, both of us do love bits & pieces. And apparently, we also have the same childhood dream: to have our own stationery store. Naturally, these shared interests led us to establishing PoLA Artistry in 2014.
For the past 3 years, the majority of PoLA’s projects were done by us two, from designing (be it invitation or daily-life product designs), planning on business plan, organizing financial aspects, even down to managing relations with our clients and vendors. Although we met a lot of obstacles along the process, there are also several things we get to learn, and that include stuff like getting to know and respecting our partner’s virtues. So far, we both enjoy the process we go through in running the business and we still have so many future plans we’d like to bring into realization, so, wish us luck!

Being the creative individuals who deal a lot with visual artistry in your works, how would you girls perceive beauty in graphic design?
For us, personally, beauty can come from several factors, in terms of visual artistry. First off are the ideas and concept behind the design. Materials and all the working details come next. When added up, all these factors complete the whole process, and that’s what we’d ideally perceive as beauty in visual artistry.

As this is your first time doing collaboration with the beauty industry esp. makeup, how did you bring PENNY’s design into visualization?
Yes, this is our first collaboration with beauty industry and when Rollover Reaction first came to us to collaborate, we were beyond excited! Especially since we’re a duo of women, it’s a thrill to work with something related to make up. The first time we heard about how this limited edition product will come in pearlescent finish, we were reminded by the metallic elements often found in geometric shapes. We tried to emphasize & incorporate these geometric elements into the patterns designated to meet PENNY’s persona: modern and edgy, which we also think fits Hellua’s characters.

You worked on the designs so there must be some product personalization along the process, so how would you describe PENNY’s persona?
If PENNY were a woman, she would be confident, comfortable with herself, knows exactly what she wants. She would not be afraid to be different and not afraid to express her thoughts and feelings. We think she will inspire many people because of those virtues.

What do you anticipate the most from this collaboration?
We can’t wait to see people’s response about this collaboration. We hope PENNY will encourage them to explore new things, be confident and comfortable with themselves.

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