Rollover Reaction | Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Hellua
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Behind the Collaboration: Rollover Reaction Meets Hellua

Raise your hand if you wear makeup for fun. Or if you do it because you can’t leave the house before concealing your imperfections until they’re technically gone, raise your hand too.

Regardless of which side of the gamut you are, we can agree the beauty world wouldn’t be the same without our fascination of lipstick. Think about it; collecting lipstick is way more fun than collecting other beauty or makeup items.

But Hellua Puspoyo (better known as @thelipstickmafiaaa on Instagram) is not just another lipstick addict. She’s not afraid to experiment with bolder lipstick like metallics or weird shades such as greens, greys, and silvers. For that reason, we asked her to collaborate in creating a unique shade for the SUEDED! line, PENNY.

You started out as a lipstick swatch-er that branches into cosmetics and skincare. As someone who first-handedly experience this through the perspective of customer and influencer, how do you perceive beauty in the industry that’s as dynamic as ever?
My perception of beauty definitely improved as I aged. In this industry, the definition of beauty changes over time, for example, now they probably see someone that looks like Kylie Jenner as ideal, when in the past Brooke Shields may be the epitome of beauty. It’s sometimes hard to resist the urge to fit in that categorization. People are trying to be or to look like certain stereotype just to make other people see them as beautiful even when they don’t feel like themselves. I personally love seeing all the diversities in the beauty industry. For me, being able to be comfortable in your own skin, and be proud about it no matter what, is the real definition of beauty. Don’t be bothered by the standards because beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

About PENNY, out of all colors possible, why did you come up with this shade in particular?
I always have a penchant for picking the most unusual shade for lipstick. The weirder the better. If anybody doesn’t wanna wear it then I gotta have it. Metallic is one of them. I just want to create a color that is wearable while still keeping some of the edginess of a metallic lips. Back in those days when I was just starting @thelipstickmafiaaa, people would tell me they don’t have the courage to rock a metallic lips, that it’s not wearable. With PENNY, I really want to show them that metallic is actually wearable, you just gotta pick the right shade, PENNY that is 🙂 I think she is a universal shade. Knowing Rollover Reaction’s amazing formula, I think she would look amazing and gleaming on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

How’s seeing PENNY, your brainchild, come to realization?
It’s so surreal! No words could explain. After swatching so many lipsticks from so many different brands, having one that’s coming out from my ideas is just so freaking amazing!

The color can be tricky for most Indonesians, as a beauty guru we’d diligently take notes to, how would you suggest wearing PENNY?
There are so many ways to use it. It can be used as a cream shadow, cream blush, and as a liquid lipstick but you can also use it as a lip topper to give an extra oomph to your matte liquid lipstick. It looks somewhat dark coming out from the tube but once applied, the rosey undertone appears. If you’re using it solely on the lips, it would be nice to pair it with a little blush on the cheeks, polished brows and some mascara to balance the whole look. Don’t be afraid to use PENNY for daytime look because the shimmer is so subtle. I also like to pair it with smokey eyes on a night out for a full glam look. Using PENNY on the eyes, lips and cheeks resulting in that trendy, monochromatic look. I love it!

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