Rollover Reaction | Asmara Abigail Lives In a Golden Dream
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Asmara Abigail Lives In a Golden Dream

To live life passionately and beautifully, one has to conceive self-love stable enough to call home. And Asmara Abigail’s journey to reach self-love was an interesting one.

With her strong presence, her confidence shows through. It lights up her personality, and she walks with an aura of enigmatic charm. But like almost everyone, she wasn’t born self-assured. It was a habituated trait.

Before moving to Milan, Asmara – a proud Indonesian child of multi-raced parents – never expected to fall in love so deeply with Italy. However, she was drawn to the way Italian people live their life; through unapologetic confidence, self-discovery and the art of enjoying a good life with style.

Being fluent in the language, she learned a few Italian proverbs. The one that resonates with her the most is ‘sogni d’oro’; a phrase meaning ‘sweet dream’. “But if you break it down word [for] word, ‘sogni d’oro’ means ‘golden dream’. I dream to become my own kind of powerful, Italy has [taught] me how to live passionately and to enjoy life according to oneself. That self-discovery and blooming into a woman that you become [are] a beautiful and fierce process.” she explains.

Asmara’s charismatic yet exotic mystery and alluring energy are what drew us to collaborate with the actress, model, and dancer for MATA HARI GLAZED! Glittery and Liquid Eye Tint. She’s just like Mata Hari; a femme fatale of her own. Tantalizing yet graceful.

The golden tone of MATA HARI GLAZED! Glittery and Liquid Eye Tint bears the spirit of ‘sogni d’oro’ too.

MATA is a brilliant sparkling glitter while HARI is a solid golden base that also can be worn by itself.

Both are otherworldly and sensible in equal measure. It’s a dream that was meant to be translated into reality.

MATA HARI pushes us to step out of our comfort zone and turn ourselves, become a wonder, and live our own sogni d’oro.

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