Rollover Reaction | About The Muse, Mata Hari
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About The Muse, Mata Hari

For the longest time, women have always been the world’s most precious wonders. They possess all the poise there is, with only a few can’t admire.

But not many were born with an ability to charm with mystery. And Mata Hari was lucky enough to be created differently.

She was born as Margaretha Geertruida Zelle in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. As a young girl, she attracted attention for her bold attitude and beauty. She had olive skin and dark hair, some traits that made her the exotic one among millions of fair-skinned, light-hair girls.

At the age for 19, she became a bride for Rudolf MacLeod, a Dutch military captain stationed in colonial Indonesia. The couple settled in Malang, East Java. At one point, she joined a local dance company and began learning traditional Javanese dance. She also studied the habits and customs of the locals before leaving Indonesia.

The couple later divorced and she moved to Paris. She supported herself by becoming an exotic dancer. Her career catapulted after she changed her stage name from Lady MacLeod to a more peculiar sounding Mata Hari. With her body covered in only bejeweled bra and sheer sheets to keep her lower body hidden, she performed sold-out shows in all over Europe.

Each day and night Mata Hari would pose as a Javanese princess, dancing the traditional dance she mastered in Malang with the only difference being Mata Hari leaving modesty out of the room.


In the end, Mata Hari remains unforgotten. It seems as the world is now eternally captivated.  She was or still is, a treasure. And while we don’t have a chance to lock her eyes with Mata Hari, maybe MATA HARI GLAZED! Glittery and Liquid Eye Tint can help you understand how she saw the world; in gold, fanciful, and otherworldly.

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