Rollover Reaction | A Q & A Session with Talitha Maranila
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A Q & A Session with Talitha Maranila

Art is everywhere. It’s there in an empty room; the way it allows you to connect with your inner self is art. It’s there out in the wild; isn’t nature God’s greatest masterpiece? And for Talitha Maranila, she finds art in our bodies. Literally.

Most of her works are comprised of different depictions of human blood vessels, nerves, and neurons. Her work for MATA HARI is no different. To know more about our collaboration with Talitha, keep on reading.

We find your fondness in turning nerves, neurons, and vessels into art is interesting. May we ask the story behind it?
It’s the major theme of my work, to use vessels as a self-mirroring- to look inside yourself, and to find the connection with the divine. the more you know yourself the more you will understand God and also everything’s around you that we’re all connecting to each other. In (a) more intuitive way, as for me making artwork is like (a) form of meditation.

How did you turn Mata Hari’s divine golden allure into a band of nerve fibers? Is there a specific reason on how the concept came to mind?
Mata Hari in Indonesian word means sun so I interpret it that way. It’s a light to darkness and the source of life. Which we already have inside ourselves. The light within, you just need to find it.

In your opinion, how do Indonesian modern women can embody their inner Mata Hari?
That happens if we start to acknowledge ourselves as a unique creature and that’s the beauty of it to be different. Because we are all born different, don’t ever let society rule you. And we’re all alone for ourselves by that means, we don’t need somewhat approval from others.

As an artist, do you see yourself in Mata Hari? And how?
Absolutely, because she’s bold and free

What are the three words would you use to describe Mata Hari?
Daring, beautiful, fire

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