Rollover Reaction | A GLAZED! Backstory
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A GLAZED! Backstory

We’ve always been fascinated by the idea of accessorizing. They’re often small in size, but big on impact. Remember when your tiny red scarf saved your basic ‘blue jeans, white t-shirt’ day and all of the sudden you look so Parisian chic? Dreamy.

On that circumstance, we realize customization and improvisation are the easiest upgrades to do when you want to look extra while still feeling like yourself underneath. We have done multiuse lip and cheek creams and stains in the past, so it only makes sense to give your eyes the spotlight for our first launch of 2018.

They’re called GLAZED! Liquid Eye Tint. The driving force behind GLAZED! remains unchanged since our first launch in 2016 and that is to make sure our products go well with your daily hustle and bustle. We mean, why make makeup application hard? It distracts from the fun!

“But I don’t need eyeshadow in my everyday makeup,” you say. “I’m good with some blush and lipstick, who got time for eyeshadow?” We get it! That’s why we created GLAZED! in the first place. Think of GLAZED! as jewelry for your eyes, which actually sort of true because all colors were inspired by world’s most precious gemstones 😉

Your outfit (in this case: base makeup and color) looks amazing the way it is, but a piece of jewelry (in this case: GLAZED!) take it to the next level with one simple step. Slap eye primer on, swipe GLAZED! with the applicator, blend for a few seconds and you’re good to go!

Now that’s out of the way, let us take you to the GLAZED! color tour!

Corrine – Lilac grey

This color screams pure elegance. If Audrey Hepburn ever wore a smoky color, we imagine it would be a cool toned shimmer like this one.


Gemma – Soft pink

Delicate, but still different! We hate to get stereotypical about pinks here but Gemma looks stunning for a hot date and snazzy occasions.


Aria – Glimmering pearl

A neutral pearl? Isn’t it too subtle for an eyeshadow? Well, not necessarily. They pack a punch of pigment and you can rock this anywhere from lazy brunch to casual parties.


Amber – Warm bronze

Blazing, sexy, and undeniably charming. May we suggest a trip to a bar downtown with the girl friends?


Olive – Deep olive green

The easiest green you can pull off. Any places, parties and time is perfect to wear Olive, but we can’t help to picture an Italian open back terrace in our minds!

And that’s it! GLAZED! is now up for you to try and love. We hope to bring more shades and textures soon. In the meantime, leave your thoughts below as we might just make it come true!

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